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2016 NGANH Scholarship

The objective of the NGANH Scholarship Program is to recognize students for academic achievement, citizenship, and character. The scholarship represents a way for the NGANH to give back to eligible members and dependents and enhance the education of our team! We are excited about offering this opportunity and hope you are as well.


Eligibility….You must be:

  • Current member of the NGANH or

  • Spouse of current member of NGANH or

  • Dependent child of current member of NGANH

  • Honorary or Corporate members do not meet the eligibility criteria


  • A high school senior or new continuing education student

  • Currently enrolled College or Graduate Student

  • Enrollment (or anticipated) in a fully accredited associate, baccalaureate, graduate,professional, or doctoral degree program required

  • Attendance status must be full time or part time greater than 2 courses per semester


Submission Requirements

  • NGANH Scholarship Application

  • Transcript of high school credits and/or transcripts of college credits for current college students

  • 3 Letters of recommendation (Mix of academic, professional, and character references not related to you)

  • Essay / Personal Statement

Selection of scholarship recipients will be made based on merit of the individual application. We will doour best to ensure maximum impact with our limited budget!


Deadline: June 1, 2016

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